My projects involve telling stories in sound and music and designing universes, experiences and experimental expressions for fx podcasts, museum exhibitions and experience design. I often combine my love for music with my sound design and use sounds very musically when I put together a soundscape. I also enjoy recording my own sounds and love walking in nature, which is a very good combination for doing soundscapes for all kinds of storytelling. 


I have a background in Musicology and Audiodesign from Aarhus University (2015-2020) and I’m especially interested in experimental expressions, experience design and sound art. 

I’m also doing online courses and teaching in Ableton and musical creativity. 


I enjoy composing electronic music and does so through my musical alias ainas snerle, where I practice my skill, experiment and have fun. At the moment I love creating noisy, breakbeat-styled beats and mellow atmospheres. 



Sara Nielsen

Aarhus, Denmark

If you have any questions, requests or collaboration ideas, do not hesitate to contact me at kontakt@saranielsen.dk

Instagram: saranielsen